How your newsletter can enhance your brand

With Domestic Sluttery

Email is a powerful and engaging publishing tool, if it's done right. Newsletters are gaining in popularity and not only are they a great way to engage with readers, they can also be another revenue stream. For magazine publishers, newsletters are often an afterthought, another thing on the to-do list of an already busy editorial team. This workshop shows how to get the most from your newsletter (without it taking three days to write!), so you grow an engaged audience and stand out from the crowd. Now, post-GDPR, is the perfect time to build a newsletter and we'll talk through vital elements of creating one including click rates, subject lines, and content that adds value to your magazine.

About Domestic Sluttery

Domestic Sluttery is a daily newsletter run by writers Sian Meades and Laura Brown. Originally one of the first lifestyle blogs in the UK, Domestic Sluttery relaunched as a daily newsletter in 2016. It's tongue-in-cheek, funny and informative and covers everything from women's history and culture to food, fashion and design. The newsletter sees thousands of readers every day with unrivaled open and click rates and each edition is created remotely - Laura's based in Dundee, Sian lives in London. As well as writing content for popular magazines in the UK, Laura and Sian also consult and curate digital newsletters for several lifestyle brands and publishing houses and Sian runs a popular newsletter curating freelance writing jobs in the UK.