International Magazine Centre

PPA Scotland wants to open an International Magazine Centre in Edinburgh.

What’s the Idea?

Globally unique, the International Magazine Centre (IMC) will bring international publishers to Scotland – sharing expertise, creating jobs, supporting internationalisation, retaining talent, promoting magazine innovation and protecting history.

Attracting Global Magazine Publishing to Scotland

The IMC will be an events-based venue with strong links to associated creative industries, and magazines at its core:

  • Attract, nurture and retain talent for job creation
  • Global relationships and connections to support increased international distribution
  • International promotion of publishing events and brands
  • Start-up subsidisation and collaboration

Bringing Together the Scottish Creative Industries

A hub for publishing and associated creative industries, the IMC will help the sector flourish and deliver new ideas and value to the world:

  • Collaboration, networking and pooled resources
  • Promotion of magazines and their communities to the public
  • The place for publishing and creative talks and masterclasses

Protecting and Developing a Cultural Asset

The IMC will be the custodian of Scotland’s magazine history while promoting magazine innovation:

  • Inspire investment in and sustainability of magazine publishing
  • Close links to universities and affiliated industries for research and knowledge exchange
  • Challenge print perceptions while aiding publishers through digital transitions

What will it look like?

The IMC will be a cultural hub for the creative media industries, with magazines at its core.

  • Magazine shop with vast range of Scottish, national and international titles alongside a café and members club
  • Large and flexible events space with exceptional video recording and broadcast facilities
  • Permanent office space and hot-desking for magazine publishers, start-ups, freelancers and affiliated industries
  • Exhibition space with permanent Scottish magazine exhibition alongside curated and invited exhibitions on design, digital, illustration, writing, advertising, photography and more
  • Magazine library collection housing Scottish magazine archive

What happens now?

We have recently completed a feasibility study and are now in the process of applying for funding to make the idea a reality.

You can sign up for updates on the IMC at the top right hand side of this page, or if you'd like to be involved with the direction the IMC takes, contact PPA Scotland Business Manager, Laura Dunlop, for more information at

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