Podcasting for Beginners

Workshop: Podcasting for Beginners

Everyone can produce a podcast... even Ed Milliband, although to be fair, he probably had some help. In this workshop the team behind the Media Voices podcast will share the lessons they’ve learned from producing more than 70 episodes of their weekly media news and interview show.

Founded on a distinctly DIY ethos, Media Voices has grown consistently and now features guests from some of the biggest media organisations in the world, from Facebook to the Financial Times, Empire to the Economist. The team will talk about choosing equipment, planning episodes, recording and editing audio, hosting, branding, building an audience, launching supporting products and maybe even monetisation.

Outlining their practical approach to podcasting and answering your questions along the way, Chris, Esther and Peter won’t be happy unless you leave this workshop ready to get started in the world of on-demand audio.

Listen to Media Voices here.