Post-Panic GDPR

Data Protection needs an image consultant! New legislation means a better deal for clients, customers and service users but for companies, how do they turn the new requirements into opportunities? What does the legal landscape look like after 25 May? How can companies use data protection legislation to improve trust, build customer relationships and support great products? Come along to an interactive session about how to not let the legal stuff get in the way of a good idea.

Keigh-Lee Paroz

A professional enthusiast, Keigh-Lee has had a varied career in the legal, creative, public and third sectors working across data protection, intellectual property, inclusivity and diversity, and delivering cultural projects. She is a writer and photographer. Her focus is making complex information accessible. She makes data protection, strategy and business-building seriously fun, no matter which sector her clients are in. Navigating the legal stuff for clients unfamiliar with how compliance works, giving it meaning in the context clients need, and providing clear direction, prevents problems once your idea is in the hands of many.