Why you have to be at Magfest

Magfest is Scotland's biggest and best magazine event, with magazine publishers and enthusiasts coming from far and wide to be inspired by the international speakers, meet others in the industry and hear about the latest developments in the magazine world.

Magfest is built to help you think differently aboThat means we'll be concentrating on the big ideas of the future, where ideas come from and how to turn your ideas into a reality. Our speakers will tell you about their innovations, whilst inspiring and enabling you to start the next big thing.

So here's ten great reasons to join the likes of Connect Publications, DC Thomson, Herald & Times, Holyrood Communications, Pinpoint Scotland, The Big Issue, The Drum, The Skinny, Think and White Light for a day of all things magazine!

1 Be Inspired

Magfest brings together some of the most inspiring minds in media and magazine publishing. They're literally there just to inspire you - no other agenda. Their talks are designed to show you their passion, what has made their businesses successful and prompt you to think differently about how you approach your business.

You can relive many of the speakers from 2017's event with videos of the top talks, by clicking HERE.


2 Empower Your Team

Magfest is a brilliant opportunity for you and your team to work together to improve your business. Magfest's main stage has some of the biggest and best names in publishing, featured alongside breakouts and workshops over the day. Sadly unless you've discovered how to clone yourself you can't attend them all! Bring your team and ask them to present back when you've returned to the office.


3 Meet Other Publishers

Magfest is the biggest and best magazine event in Scotland, with an audience of more than 300 publishing professionals and enthusiasts attending in 2017.

The people you will meet will be able to offer you advice from their own experience, could be potential collaborators on projects, might be on the lookout to buy or sell a magazine, or might be able to connect you with someone who could help you with a problem.

With six degrees of separation that's 1,800 opportunities waiting for you!


4 Explore Scottish Magazines

The Magfest team is hard at work bringing together an exhibition to showcase the creativity and ingenuity of current magazines in Scotland. The result will be an exhibition to swell the heart of any Scottish magazine lover! If you want your magazine to be included, please get in touch.


5 Buy Wonderful Magazines

Magfest includes a pop-up shop, courtesy of the fabulous MagCulture.

If you're looking for inspiration for your own magazine then peruse the shelves and don't forget your credit card!


6 Save Time

With the day-to-day running of a business, do you ever feel like you don't have any time to reflect or think of how to improve?

Magfest is the perfect antidote as the best way to work on your business, rather than in your business.


7 It's On Your Doorstep

Do you usually need to factor in the cost of travel and accommodation to London or further afield? Magfest is held in Edinburgh and offers a calibre of speaker to rival any international conference.


8 Solve Your Problems

Suppliers are there to make your life easier. Bring your publishing dilemmas to Magfest and ask our brilliant exhibitors and sponsors to help - that's what they're there for!


9 Stay Ahead of the Pack

In the fast-moving world of media, it's often been said that if you're not moving forwards, you're going backwards. We've got the expert speakers to help you navigate your magazine brand into new platforms - from video to podcasting. They'll be showing you how to bring in new audiences and boost engagement with multi-media tools.


10 It's FUN

Feeling stressed out? Could your batteries do with being recharged? Magfest is a chance to have a fun day out with like-minded people and to reignite your passion for the beautiful and ingenious world of magazines. What more could you want from a day out?

There's even a Magfest after-party included in the price of your ticket (AKA the Drinks Reception).

And for just £5 extra you can also join us the evening before, on September 20 for Magfest Fringe, to hear from top speakers and network with your fellow delegates.

Then take new-found friends out in Edinburgh afterwards - just don't forget to tweet your pics using #Magfest18!