A Masthead of One – How Ed Needham Writes and Publishes Strong Words on His Own



After some harsh publishing economics did for Ed Needham’s last job editing a magazine at the end of 2016, and realising he didn’t know how to do anything else, at the beginning of last year he decided to launch his own. And to keep costs down, he would do it all himself – a magazine with a masthead of one.

Strong Words is a high quality literary magazine, sold on subscription and on the newsstand (at WH Smiths travel outlets and independent magazine retailers). It is now up to issue 13 (on sale on September 21). It is aimed at people who buy books for pleasure and need a little guidance picking their next great book from an average of 500 published every day in the UK. It also aims to be a witty and entertaining read in itself.

Each issue contains around 35,000 words, fewer than The Great Gatsby’s 47,000, but with over 100 books reviewed per issue, together with author interviews, writing advice and the finest trivia, how is such a thing possible, nine times a year? Find out here…

Editor and Publisher
Strong Words