Listen In: How Publishers are innovating with podcasts


Live podcast ISLAY

Publishers are in a unique position to take advantage of the rise in podcasting thanks to their storytelling expertise and ready-made audiences. In this live podcast Peter Houston and Esther Thorpe from Media Voices will be discussing discuss how magazine publishers are experimenting in the podcasting space to create successful podcasts that support audience development and revenue. Expect some special guests to join Esther and Peter on stage.

Media Voices is a weekly look at all the news and views from across the media world, featuring leading figures from media and publishing businesses. The team behind the podcast take a common sense approach to media analysis, from the practices of journalism to deep dives into publisher business models. The Media Voices team have recorded live at media events, featured in numerous roundups of the best industry podcasts, and have interviewed an impressive roster of guests from top organisations such as Mic, The Economist, Facebook, CNN, The Times, Refinery29, the FT, and more. 

Media Voices
Media Voices