Tom Johnson
Tom Johnson

GoldFlakePaint began life as a fledgling music blog back in 2010. Initially launched in the south-west of England by its founder Tom Johnson, GFP moved north of the border in 2013, and is now based in Glasgow where it transitioned from the web to a fully-formed print version, releasing Issue One of A Music Journal in the summer of 2018.

Carefully curated and designed, A Music Journal is a quarterly, seasonal publication that provides an in-depth focus on independent music across the world. Through a series of conversations and profiles the journal combines heartfelt, personable writing with a keen ear for new and interesting music, offering space to both established acts and lesser-known, up-and-coming artists.

Aside from its recommendations, the journal also makes space for a series of personal essay which delve into other aspects of the musical industry, touching upon important issues such as misogyny, disabled access at venues, lone women at gigs, climate change, and various other topics.

A physical journal in an increasingly digital world, A Music Journal is designed to be a quiet corner in the ever-blustery world of music recommendation; a collection of long-form writing that both discovers and celebrates those artists and records that can change the shape of your day.

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