Nina Carter
Nina Carter
Visual Content Editor
It's Freezing in LA!

IFLA! is an independent magazine with a fresh perspective on climate change. It acts as a platform for nuanced, complex and insightful discussions on climate change and environmental issues, drawn together with bold illustrations and beautiful design.

Since inception, the project has drawn writers and illustrators from all over the world. Featuring topics that stretch from guerrilla gardening to rain dances, and theatre lighting to universal basic income, the magazine untangles the diverse intricacies of our relationship with the environment. Illustrators explore the algal blooms filling seas and the shades of green in the Colombian Paramo, poets consider childhood in the face of climate catastrophe, and interviews with pioneers of the green movement reflect on its future.

Shortlisted for Stack’s ‘Launch of the Year 2018’, and listed as one of The Guardian’s top zines about sustainability in 2019, this is a project which pulls the green movement into modern, bright conversations about our future.

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